Barista® Application Framework

BASIS takes a new productivity leap forward in GUI development with the Barista® Application Framework. Barista is BASIS’ GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework and runtime engine. Barista facilitates:

  • New GUI application development
  • Conversion of CUI applications to GUI
  • Modernization of existing GUI applications

Barista is database independent and works with both modern SQL RDBMS as well as legacy BASIS file types. Barista imports a third party RDBMS or a BASIS data dictionary and, with little development effort, delivers a functional GUI application running on multiple platforms with a modern GUI look-and-feel, standardized keyboard and mouse navigation, and a built-in SQL-based inquiry engine. Barista delivers enormous productivity gains on both initial product development and, more importantly, on future application maintenance and enhancement tasks.

Barista Components

  • User Application Interface
  • Extended Data Dictionary
  • Form Manager
  • Form Designer
  • Callpoint Event Editor
  • Form Runtime Engine
  • SQL Inquiry System
  • Menu Designer
  • Document Output System
  • Role-based Security System


  • Uses data dictionary-based architecture for tables, forms, and validation rules
  • Supports existing BASIS data structures and imports the BASIS data dictionary
  • Ensures visual consistency and quality between forms and applications
  • Takes advantage of emerging BBj features and functionality
  • Provides ability to link multiple tables and create powerful entry forms
  • Easily assembles forms into deployable applications
  • Enables existing customized programs to interact with Barista’s runtime engine
  • Allows developers to reuse existing legacy report and update programs

Download Product

Download Barista with BBj to take full advantage of this new development framework.

  1. Go to the BBj and Barista download page.
  2. Follow the download instructions, selecting the BBj and Barista as the Optional Files referenced in step 3 of the instructions.

For more information, refer to Barista readme and relnotes and documentation/tutorials in the online Barista Help.

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