BBj® - The Current BBx® Generation

BASIS created the newest version of BBx®, the sixth generation, using Java technology. Business BASIC on Java, registered as BBj®, gives application developers the necessary tools to create modern, 21st century e-commerce and enterprise solutions.

Look What BBj® Has To Offer ...

Thoroughly Modern

As a superset of earlier versions of BBx including PRO/5® and Visual PRO/5®, BBj is compatible with legacy BBx products. BBj's base in Java allows for the use of object-oriented programming extensions. Other modern highlights include extended Structured Query Language (SQL) support, native form design capability, and support for AES 256-bit security.

Refer to BBj - BBx Enhancements and Changes in the online docs for more details about the enhancements to the PRO/5 family found in BBj.

Delivers Your Platform of Choice

Developers can maintain a single version of their application that runs on virtually any hardware in most any environment. BBj GUI applications run equally well in the Microsoft Windows environment, the Linux/UNIX environment, and the Mac OS/X environment.

Supports GUI and/or Character Applications

BBj extends Java by supporting a character interface, running graphical and character Business BASIC applications in a thin client and, in addition, provides the ability to run graphical Business BASIC applications in a Web browser. This means that the wealth of legacy graphical business solutions can run as Web applications without significant development effort. BBj gives companies the flexibility of choosing to deploy their legacy character solutions unaltered as well as to deploy GUI enhanced or new GUI solutions.

Offers Stand Alone or Web Browser

BBj Thin Client runs on a stand-alone system or in a Web browser, providing fast, remote access between application and data.

Supports Three-tier Architecture

The true three-tier architecture of BBj provides flexibility in application deployment and in customization to meet specific application needs of Application Service Provider (ASP) customers. Because BBj is platform independent, developers can create ASP solutions using most existing customer hardware.

Allows Tuning for Production

Configuration options in the BBj Enterprise Manager support several features that enhance application performance in a production setting.

  • Protect valuable server resources by specifying the amount of startup memory the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) should use.
  • Increase load and open times by turning on program and resource file pinning.
  • Reduce traffic between the thin client and server by controlling the ACK/NAK response options.

Allows Database Independence

The BBj interpreter delivers fast direct-result-set navigational access to the native BASIS Database Management System (DBMS) along with a full library of SQL functions, which can access the BASIS DBMS and external database tables. One set of application code can support interchangeable data from any ODBC or JDBC compliant vendor. The BBj Filesystem API also makes it possible to connect to external databases using standard Business BASIC READs and WRITEs. This allows a legacy application the possibility to connect to an external data source with no SQL requirements in the application logic.

Bridge With Java

With the JavaBBjBridge, developers can call BBj directly from a Java program and exchange data between BBj and Java. In addition to integrating Java in a BBj program, it is now possible to integrate a BBj program into a Java software system.

Evaluate BBj®

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