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BASIS License Manager (BLM) 18 Installation Instructions

Do I need to update my standalone BASIS License Manager (BLM)?

To check to see if your BLM install is able to reach out to license.poweredbybbj.com, look in the BLM/log directory for the file basis.log.  Then check the contents of this file to ensure that it includes the following text string:

**** Using license generator at license.poweredbybbj.com ****

If you do not have the basis.log file or if your basis.log file does not contain the referenced string with “license.poweredbybbj.com” you will need to update your BLM.

A BASIS license that is Revision 19 or below will need the BLM 19, any license that is current on SAM or Revision 20+ can use BLM 21.

BLM 19 uses a 3rd party component that has known security vulnerabilities, most notably denial of service attacks and remote code execution (see more here). These types of cyber attacks can be severe and can result in critical losses. We suggest updating your BLM to version 21 and plan in the future to upgrade to the BLS (your PRO/5 and/or Visual PRO/5 and/or BBj interpreter(s) will need to be upgraded).

Please note that if your license is Rev 22 and you are running a BASIS product version 22+ you will need to use the BLS (BASIS License Service).


The current BLMs require a Java 11 JDK to install and manage the license. We suggest Adoptium OpenJDK 11. Oracle Java 11JDK is also an option, just consider their licensing requirements. You can find direct links to supported Java versions on our Platform Availability page.

The BLM can be downloaded from our website here, be sure and select BLM from the Product menu and the Revision from the Revision menu. 

Check Temurin Supported Platforms to see if your platform is supported.


The BLM install instructions are found here.

When presented with a self-extracting jar file, follow the instructions below.

=> If the Java file associations on your operating system are set to run an executable jar file, double-click or execute the downloaded jar file. The install proceeds automatically.

=> If your Java file associations differ and do not run the file automatically, execute the following so Java runs the file:

On Windows:

%JAVAHOME%\bin\java -jar <jar_file_name>


${JAVAHOME}/bin/java -jar <jar_file_name>

If your JAVAHOME$ environment variable is not pointing to the current version of Java then you will want to use the full path to  Java as in:

  $/usr/java/Eclipse Adoptium/jdk- -jar BLM21_06-15-2022_9033.jar

During the installation process you will also register and install the license.  We suggest you use the “Register and Install the license automatically” option, as this will verify the self-healing properties of the new perpetual license, ensuring that the machine can get out to the internet and contact BASIS for its license, eliminating manual administration efforts and avoiding any reset fees.

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