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01153: Stopping BBj without prompting for a user


Stopping BBj without prompting for a user


Pass the following modes to the stopbbjservices script: 

         ./stopbbjservices -noprompt [-wait] <server> <port> <user> <password> 

Example for a default install: 

        ./stopbbjservices -noprompt [-wait] 2002 admin admin123 

It will print a message when it is done but the output can be directed to file or /dev/null: 

        ./stopbbjservices -noprompt [-wait] 2002 admin admin123 >/dev/null 

Once this command has been issued, wait a 90 -120 seconds before attempting to start BBjServices. The amount of time depends on the various factors including processor speed, system activity and BBj activity. 

Last Modified: 10/12/2007 Product: BBj Operating System: UNIX

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