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00437: Missing ‘tc’ with TAOS 1.3 on AIX


Missing ‘tc’ with TAOS 1.3 on AIX


AIX has another executable called ‘tc’ that is in the search path before the TAOS compiler ‘tc’. Therefore, the error: 

sh: tc: not found 

will be displayed when the user attempts to invoke the compiler. The fix is to put the path for TAOS before anything else at the operating system level. This is documented in the readme. 

If the executable didn’t brand correctly, there will not be a “tc”, which will also produce the same error. To brand it by hand, enter the command (from the operating system prompt). 

tcs -SetSn <serial number here>

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: TAOS: The Developers Workbench Operating System:AIX

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