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00106: IBMCOM1.SYS drivers


IBMCOM1.SYS drivers


Device drivers IBMCOM1.SYS and IBMCOM2.SYS are supplied to provide XON/XOFF bi-directional support for the communications ports on IBM compatibles. They are found on the BBx supplemental diskettes. 

NOTE: These drivers are no longer shipped with Vpro5 1.0 or higher and have been replaced with the CHANOPT verb. Please refer to the online documentation for information on using CHANOPT to control serial ports with later versions of the product. 


To use them, copy both drivers to your hard disk. Next, modify your CONFIG.SYS file with the line(s): 


Reboot your system to make these changes active. 

The default settings for the port: 

baud rate 9600 
word size 7 
stop bits 1 
parity odd 

Use the MS-DOS MODE command to modify the default the communications parameters. Information on the MODE command can be found in your DOS manuals. 

The input buffer length of the drivers is 512 bytes and the output buffer length is 128 bytes. 

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: MS Dos

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