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00753: FLEXlm Error 1,359 when invoking Pro5


FLEXlm Error 1,359 when invoking Pro5


PRO/5 is starting with a serial number as BBX-INIT, 
The error number in the message is FlexLM error -1, 359.


This error is indicative of one of the following: 

1) the BASIS License has not been installed. To solve, register for a BASIS License and Install it according to the instructions included. 

2) the License may be installed in the wrong directory. The BASIS License Manager(BLM) needs to be installed in a directory at the level as the ‘pro5’ directory. For example, if the PRO/5 executable is in /usr/basis/pro5/, then the BLM must be in /usr/basis/blmgr/. The license file should be located in the same directory as the Basis License Manager. (See also KB article 755) 

3) the BASIS.lic file (the pointer file that resides in the pro5 directory) may have some unprintable characters in it. It’s possible that when the SERVER option is run from the Main Install Script that backspacing to make corrections to the servername can cause unprintable characters to be added to this file. Rename the BASIS.lic file, then redo the ./install, pro5, server option. Enter the server without using any extraneous keys to ensure there are no extra characters. STOP the BLM and then restart it. Try running PRO/5 once again – it should find the license file.

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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