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KB – ODBC Connection to a Remote BBj Server

Installing the ODBC Driver

Download the ODBC driver from:  https://basis.cloud/bbj-downloads/

As you can see highlighted in the above image, this installer required Java 11 or 17 to run.
BASIS suggests downloading the Eclipse AdoptOpenJDK here.

In the filters they offer, choose Windows for the OS, 64-bit for the Architecture, JDK for the Package Type, and 17 – LTS for the version:

The *.msi package is the easiest to work with.

Once the JDK is installed, you will be able to double-click the ODBC installation .jar to launch the install. Just follow the prompts to complete the quick installation.

Enterprise Manager

  1. In EM –> Security –> Users, add your new user.
  2. Grant the new user permission to Attach to Existing Database

3. In EM–> Databases —> (Select your Database) –> Remote Security Tab, configure your new user as Read Only.

ODBC DSN Configuration

  1. In Windows –>Control Panel search for ODBC. Click the 64-bit ODBC data sources link

2. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator window, click Add

3. In the Create New Data Source window, click BBj ODBC Driver and then click Finish

4. Fill out the fields as shown below:

  • IP or hostname for you remote server
  • Port 2001
  • Username/password for the user you configured in EM
  • The database name, exactly as it is named in EM (case matters)

5.  Click OK 


Ensure your user’s PC is able to reach the server on port 2001.
The Windows telnet client is a great tool to test for port connectivity.

telnet 2001

If that works, you should be able to access your database from your ODBC application.

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