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00750: FLEXlm error -17 “Cannot write data to License server”


FLEXlm error -17 “Cannot write data to License server”


This error typically occurs when Windows 95/98 clients try to checkout a license from a BASIS License Manager (BLM) running on a SCO server. 

Always begin troubleshooting from the server side first, then move to the client. 


First, ensure that the TCP/IP configuration is in place correctly by answering the following: 
1. Are the entries in the .rhosts and etc/hosts file correct for the SCO IP Address and hostname? Verify they are correct. 
2. Check the hosts.equiv file to ensure there is a space between the hostname and the + (if being used) 
3. Can you ping by name in both directions? 
4. Can you telnet from windows client to the SCO server? 
If yes, STOP the BLM. 

Using a text editor (vi, notepad, any ascii editor will do), look in each permanent license file and change the line: 
to be 
where ‘hostname’ is the name of the SCO server. Start the BLM. 

If this does not work then there are some utilities you can run at the OS level when trying to get a license to review the output for further troubleshooting. They are: 

lmutil lmdiag -c @scohostname -n 
This utility will tell you what licenses are available to be checked out. 

$ netstat -f inet -a 
This output returns information on what ports have connections and who the connections are from as well as the staus of the connections, i.e. ESTABLISHED, TIME_WAIT, or LISTEN. 

$/ect/ifconfig -a 
This information will tell what network cards are UP, BROADCASTING, and RUNNING along with the IP Address and mac address. 

The output from this utility tells you what connections are ESTABLISHED. If there is a problem with hostname resolution you will get the following message: 

Non-existent domain 
The host or domain name does not exist. 

If you get this message, the host name resolution is not correct and must be remedied. 

There is a FLEXlm log available, under UNIX it can be found in the /blm/log/ directory called basis_lmgrd.log. This will provide valuable troubleshooting information as well. 

There are also some utilities available to the Window’s clients. If the error occurs during a license checkout being attempted in a DOS window, execute the following commands from the DOS prompt and review the output. 

C:\>netstat > netstat.out 

C:\>arp -a > arp.out 

There is also a Windows version of ‘lmutil’ that can be sent to the customer to be run immediately after trying to check out a license. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: SCO UNIX Error Number: -17

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