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01240: Error 12 TCB(10)=13 attempting to open file via Pro5 Data Server


Error 12 TCB(10)=13 attempting to open file via Pro5 Data Server


Error 12 TCB(10)=13 attempting to open files via the PRO5 Data Server under some Window clients when relying on the prefix to find the path information. Opening the file with fully qualitfied data server path works. This behavior may occur on VIsta\ Windows 7 clients or higher. Behavior does not occur from XP workstations in the same network. 

Verify the following at the Vpro5 prompt on the Vista\Windows 7 workstation: 

setopts $00000020$ 
Print fid(1) 

No error is returned and shows the correct Pro5 Data Server in the FID information. As an example: /<server,port=1100>c:\path\filename”

If this test fails there still may be connectivity issues on the network. See Troubleshooting PRO/5 Data Server TCP/IP Connections

However, setting the Pro5 Data Server in the prefix and relying on the prefix paths in the PRO5 Data Server config files fails. 

Client prefix in config.bbx: 

prefix /<server,port=1100> 

Data Server prefix in the data server config.bbx: 

prefix /basis/vpro5/ /basis/data/ 

Error 12 TCB(10)=13 


Configure Vista \ Windows 7 to use the standard vpro5.exe binary located in the <vpro5/standard/ directory. This can be done by modifying the shortcut that launches the VPRO5 application to point to this binary. 


Last Modified: 03/15/2012 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: Windows Vista

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