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Auto Licensing Failed to Return a New License

Problem Description

If you have a perpetual self-healing license, a virtual license or a license where SAM was recently renewed, the BASIS BLM may fail to automatically get a new license. You can register a new license by hand but the automated process no longer returns a license.

 NOTE: If you have installed BBj or BBx 22+ you will be using the BASIS License Service (BLS), please see the BLS Documentation found here.


Upgrade your BASIS License Manager (BLM).  BASIS upgraded the BLM in mid June 2022 to be more secure and to use our new licensing generator license.poweredbybbj.com. If you do not have the file basis.log in your BLM log directory that has a line similar to the following you have an older BLM:

****    Using license generator at license.poweredbybbj.com    ****

Please download a current BLM from the BASIS web site, select BLM from the Product menu. http://www.basis.cloud/bbj-download


BASIS has upgraded its license servers to be more secure.  You will need to update your BLM before June 30, 2023 so that your BLM can continue to automatically update your license for you.  You can download the most current BLM from our website, to download the most current BLM for BBj or PRO/5 please use the following link, and select BLM from the Product menu.: http://www.basis.cloud/basis-license-manager-download

The following link will take you to the Install Instruction for installing the stand alone BLM.

If you have any questions or difficulty downloading and installing the BLM please contact BASIS Support at support@basis.cloud. Remember to include your BASIS Product serial number for all support requests.

Last Modified: 01/29/2023               Product: Licensing           Operating System: N/A

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