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00559: How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window


How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window


Visual PRO/5 allows you to set the icon that is displayed both on the terminal window and the Windows tasklist. This is accomplished via the ‘MINICON’ mnemonic. Here’s an excerpt from the manual: 

‘MINICON'(filename,index)         Create Window Icon 
The ‘MINICON’ mnemonic assigns a custom icon to the window in the current context. Up to 20 windows per invocation of Visual PRO/5 may have their own icons, including both SYSGUI and SYSWINDOW windows. Under MS Windows, filename can refer to any .EXE, .ICO, or .DLL file that has one or more icons in it. The index is used to select a particular icon from the file. The index is zero based. The PATH environment variable is searched for the file (not the PREFIX). Note that this is a non-portable item. 

Here’s an example: 
>print ‘minicon'(“c:\winnt\explorer.exe”,1) 
This will cause the second icon in the Window’s Explorer executable to be used on the syswindow device 

Last Modified: 01/28/1998 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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