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00801: Explanation of FLEXlm Licensing vs Foreground Background sessions of older Releases


Explanation of FLEXlm Licensing vs Foreground Background sessions of older Releases


In prior releases it was possible to start a foreground tasks, use the background verb to put this foreground task into background then exit. A user could then start another foreground task while this background task was running without it using a foreground user slot. 

Licenses are handled differently in REV 2.1+, the whole concept of foreground and background slots does not exist. We now allow multiple sessions to take one license as long as the following happens – same tty, user, hostname. 

In Rev 2.1+ the initial session is checking out a license from the Basis License Manager (BLM). It is still possible to run additional backgrounds sessions without it checking out another license in both the Rev 2.0x and 2.2x . However, it behaves differently since there is no concept of foreground and background any more. When another session is started from another tty or user it will check out another license regardless of whether that other task is a foreground or background session. It will always check out another license if it is coming from another tty, or user (hostname will always be the same under Unix). A simple solution to the issue is to run these tasks from the same tty and user and PRO/5 will not check out another license. 

This concept requires a shift in the thinking but we have not taken anything away. We have added the ability to have more sessions running than 1 foreground and 9 background as long as the sessions have the same user, tty and hostname. 

Last Modified: 04/14/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: UNIX

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