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00742: FLEXlm Error -96 and How to Resolve


FLEXlm Error -96 and How to Resolve



FLEXlm Error -96 
Server node is down or not responding. Ensure the BLM is running. See the system administrator about starting the server, or make sure that you’re referring to the right host (see LM_LICENSE_FILE aka BASIS.lic). 

Verify that the subnet mask is set properly: 

1) In Windows, right-click on Network Neighborhood and select Properties. In the Configuration tab, highlight TCP/IP -> Ethernet and click on Properties. The Microsoft TCP/IP Properties dialog box will appear. Verify with your system administrator the correct subnet mask for your network. A typical subnet mask is 

2) In UNIX, the procedure for verifying subnet masks varies greatly. Check with your system administrator. 

For additional information on the FLEXLM License Manager included in BASIS products, please refer to the FLEXLM End User Manual. The FlexLM manual can be found here on the BASIS website.


Here are some additional tips to troubleshoot this problem: 

1. Is the BLM running (both processes MUST be there)? 
Under UNIX a ‘ps -ef |grep basis will return 2 processes in addition to the grep process. 
Under Windows, there must be both a basis_lmgrd.exe and a basis.exe process 

2. Have them try to ping the host the BLM is on. 
Does it return the correct IP Address? If not, check the /etc/hosts file for correct information. Stop and restart the BLM. 

3. If they have DHCP setup for IP Address resolution, then they MUST have a static IP Address on the server and all of the workstations need a hosts file that points to the Server’s Static IP Address. (Plus the server has to have DHCP Manager installed with a valid range of IP Addresses available to pass out.) 

4. Verify the license file (##BBJXXXXXXX.lic) is not expired.
Make sure the BASIS.lic is a pointer file and not an actual license.
Make sure the BASIS.lic correctly references the machine running the BLM using the IP or hostname.

SERVER localhost ANY

5. A good rule to follow when determining the correct hostname of the server running the BLM, is to type ‘hostname’ at the command prompt and <enter> 
The hostname returned is the correct hostname to use in the permanent license files and the BASIS.lic file. IF you make any changes to correct the hostname in these files be sure to STOP and START the BASIS License Manager. 

6. The BLM may be installed behind a firewall and cannot be reached by the workstation. If this is the case, please see KB00892 for information regarding using the BLM through a firewall.

Last Modified: 01/03/2024 Product: Liceningr Operating System: All platforms 

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