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BASIS Example Certificate Authority

Starting with Java 1.7.0_40, Web Start clients started seeing warnings, like the one below, in their Java Web Start deployments.

Figure 1. An example of the warning issued by Oracle, starting with 1.7u40

As the warning states, Oracle is tightening-down security restrictions for web-based Java applications. In the future, all web-based Java applications will require a certificate from a legitimate certificate authority to run.

Starting with BBj 13.03, BBj Web Start applications built from the Enterprise Manager/JNLP Configuration module will optionally install an Example Certificate Authority(CA) if a legitimate CA is not configured.

Note:  The Example Certificate Authority is intended for example or development use only, and is not intended for general public use.

The Example Certificate Authority allows Web Start applications signed with the Example code-signing key to be treated as a trusted application.

Below are the dialog windows the user will see upon the first launch of a JNLP application configured via BBj 13.03’s Web Start module.



Figure 2. The first BBj 13.03 Example CA Authority Installation dialog


Figure 3. The second BBj 13.03 Example CA Authority Installation dialog


Clicking ‘More Info…’ in the above dialog will bring you to BASIS’ Example CA Information page, which provides more information about the Example Certificate Authority, along with general information about digital signatures and certificates.

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