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00625: Converting earlier BBx applications to PRO/5


Converting earlier BBx applications to PRO/5


There are a few different ways that you can convert BBxPROGRESSION/2 applications to PRO/5. The first is simply stringing the file to ASCII format and then using the merge command to bring it into PRO/5. Following is an example of how to do this for a file called hello.bbx in BBxPROGRESSION/2. 

> load “hello.bbx” ***loads hello.bbx into workspace**** 
> string “\hello.lst” ***creates a string file called hello.lst” 
> open(1) “\hello.lst” ***opens hello.lst to channel 1*** 
> list(1) ***lists hello.bbx to hello.lst*** 
> close(1) 

in PRO/5 
> open(1) “\hello.lst” ***opens hello.lst which is still an ASCII file*** 
> merge(1) ***merges hello.lst into the workspace*** 
>list ***confirms that file was merged to the workspace*** 
>save “hello.bbx” ***saves the workspace file to PRO/5 format*** 

While this is relatively simple, BBx does come with utilities that can do this for you. xxxxlst will automatically create a string file of whatever is in the workspace. You would use this utility in the older version of BBx. xxxxcpl will automatically convert the string file into a readable BBx file under the new platform. (xxxx=PRO/5, BBxPROGRESSION/4, BBxPROGRESSION/3…) Please note that these are not BBx programs. They are stand-alone applications that are run outside of BBx. For more information on these applications, please see the BBx Utilities Manual. 

Another option is the _p4conv conversion utility. The _p4 conv utility converts BBxPROGRESSION/2 and BBx Progression/3 programs to the PRO/5 format. _p4conv will not convert programs that are damaged or that are protected using the SAVEP command. For further information on this utility, please see the Utilities manual. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: N/A

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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