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00897: Error 8 connecting to PRO/5 Data Server (also seen as fserr=9)


Error 8 connecting to PRO/5 Data Server (also seen as fserr=9)


A Windows 2000 VPRO/5 client may report an error 8 when it is unable to connect to a NT Data Server. The event viewer log indicates a gethostbyaddr failure. 

This error can also occur connecting a 3.x ODBC Driver to a P5 DS 3.x (under UNIX and probably Windows) where the ODBC logfile will show an fserr=9, fserrs=9. The gethostbyaddr failure message will still be logged by the Data Server. No licensing errors occur.


Check the Appllication log in the NT Event Viewer for additional error messages. Look for the PRO5SRV processes and Right Click, Properties. Error message such as ‘gethostbyaddr failure’ indicate that it is unable to resolve host name to ip address. Add the workstation’s computer name and ip address to the hosts file located on the server machine. 
This should be handled as a standard gethostbyaddr failure: check UNIX hosts, Windows hosts, DNS file, and then make sure both are pingable BY NAME 

Last Modified: 02/15/2002 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Error Number: 8

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