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00345: Core dumps with direct and spooled printers under SCO


Core dumps with direct and spooled printers under SCO


If a printer is set up as both a spooled printer and a direct printer, there is a possibility of getting a core dump with the following scenario: 

OPEN the direct printer on one channel with one session of BBx. OPEN the spooled printer on another channel with another session of BBx. PRINT a job on the spooled printer. Now try to print with the workstation with the printer OPENed direct. You’ll get a core dump. 


The fix is a tunable security kernal parameter. It is called secstopio and needs to be set for 0, which is NO. You can test this by doing the following as root: 

cd /etc/conf 
cd cf.d 
./configure -y secstopio 

If it returns a 1, it needs changed to 0 and the kernel needs relinked. 

Last Modified: 06/04/1999 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: SCO Unix

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