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00985: Explanation of time interval for short cues to disappear


Explanation of time interval for short cues to disappear


VPRO/5 uses the default delay time for popup cues, based on the double-click time setting at the operating system level. 

This parameter is configurable from the Control Panel \ Mouse properties applet. The default double-click time is 500ms, the initial display time is 500ms, the autopop display time is 5000ms, and the reshow delay time is 100ms. The following code fragment uses the GetDoubleClickTime function to determine the three delay times for any system. 

initial = GetDoubleClickTime(); 
autopop = GetDoubleClickTime() * 10; 
reshow = GetDoubleClickTime() / 5; 

In our tests, when the double-click time was set to default, the autopop was 5 seconds. When we slowed down the double-click time to 1000ms, the autopop increased to 10 seconds. 

Last Modified: 11/25/2002 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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