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00931: Cut/Copy/Paste in BBj under Linux OS


Cut/Copy/Paste in BBj under Linux OS


Cut/Copy/Paste works fine in Windows and Solaris. 

X Windows uses two different clipboards: the primary clipboard and the system clipboard. 
Most XWindows applications (like xterm) use the primary clipboard for cutting and pasting, but Java is setup only to use the system clipboard. Cutting and pasting therefore won’t work on XWindows systems in the BBj IDE and SysConsole/SysWindow with revision 1.3 or lower of the JDK. 

There is a small application called XClipboard that can be used as an intermediary for cutting and pasting. Anything pasted in there goes into the system clipboard and can be taken from there into the SysWindow, and anything copied from the SysWindow can be put in there and then pasted into something else like xterm that uses the primary clipboard. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: BBj Operating System: Linux

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