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00229: Using stty to modify the system interrupt under Unix


Using stty to modify the system interrupt under Unix


Many times, people want to change the “break” (system interrupt) key under Unix to something other than the default. This is not done through BBx, but is done at the operating system level. 

Check the current setting using: 

stty -a 

from an operating system prompt. It will display something like “intr = DEL” or whatever the current setting is. This indicates that the Interrupt is the Delete key. It may be changed, using the stty command. For more information, check the manual page for stty. 

NOTE: One reason it needs to be done at the operating system level is that the operating system often takes control of the interpretation of keystrokes before BBx or any other program has a chance to use it. This can be demonstrated by setting CTRL-x to something like “Break to debugger” and then running the install program. 

Last Modified: 12/29/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix

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