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00710: Read.me REV 2.0 ODBC Driver


Read.me REV 2.0 ODBC Driver



“readme.txt” for BASIS ODBC Driver(R) 2.0 


Copyright 1998 BASIS International Ltd. 




This document provides information pertaining to the release of 
BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0. Please refer to relnotes.txt for new 
features, product notes, and known issues. 

Complete documentation for this release can be found in the 
online help file system. As online documentation is added, 
errata files will be discontinued. 


The .exe file you downloaded from the BASIS ftp site is a self- 
extracting ZIP file. Unzip the file into a temporary directory. 
Run the installation by executing SETUP.EXE. 

Under Windows NT, if you install the ODBC Driver without 
administrator privileges, some ODBC Driver install procedures may 
not be completed correctly. This is particularly common with 
Domain logins. Administrator permissions are required to change 
the Windows Registry and add Program Groups. 

If your ODBC installation reports errors on Registry and Program 
Group operations, you need to have an administrator install the 
product or get administrator permissions. 


On Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, the Setup program will exit if the 
appropriate Service Pack has not been installed on the target 
machine. These Service Packs are available from the Microsoft FTP 

Users outside the United States can refer to a list of 
alternative code pages in the /bussys/winnt/winnt-public/fixes 
directory. Users within the United States can follow the 
directions below. 

Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 5 — 

Select the i386 directory and the sp5_351i.exe file, which is 
compressed to approximately 13 MB. 

Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 — 

Select the i386 directory and the nt4sp3_i.exe file. 


“License” generally refers to the method of activating the BASIS 
product. A “temporary license” activates the product for 30 days 
and allows installation on multiple computers. A “permanent 
license” has no time limitations and is node-locked to one unique 
computer or server. 


***How it works*** 

A temporary license is distributed with every ODBC Driver whether 
the product is a demonstration copy or purchased as a full 
product. For a purchased product, a permanent license can be 
installed any time during the 30-day demonstration period. Both 
types of licenses are distributed via email or fax. 


Whether the ODBC Driver was purchased or is a demonstration copy, 
a temporary license must be installed. 
1) If you received the temporary license by email, follow the 
accompanying instructions to save the license file. If you 
received the license by fax, you will need to reference it 
at this time to complete the product installation. You are 
now ready to install the product. 

2) During the installation process, a dialog is displayed titled 
“BASIS License Installation”. This dialog box is used to 
install a license. 

3) Complete the dialog box by entering the path of the file or 
locate the file by selecting the “Browse…” button. If you 
received the license information by fax, select the “Enter 
License Information” radio button and fill in the appropriate 
text boxes. 

4) Select “OK” and the product installation will continue. 

5) When the product “Setup Complete” dialog is displayed, 

–> if you have purchased this product, you may begin the 
registration program now, or at a later time. 

To register now, select “Register for a BASIS License” 
radio button and press the “Finish” button. Proceed to 
step 3) of the next section titled “PERMANENT LICENSE”. 

To register at a later time, select the “Finish” button to 
conclude the product installation. 

–> if you are using this product for demonstration, the 
required licensing process is complete. Press the “Finish” 
button to conclude the product installation. 

NOTE: If you have a demonstration license, it may be converted to 
a full product license at any time within the 30-day period. 
Contact your sales representative to purchase a permanent 


***How it works*** 

If you purchased this product, or if you are converting your 
demonstration copy to a permanent license, you will receive, from 
your sales representative, a serial number and authorization 
number. These numbers are distributed by email or fax, at your 
request, and are used in the registration process to generate a 
permanent license. 

After obtaining a serial number and authorization number for your 
permanent license, run the registration program. This program 
gathers information about the computer to be permanently licensed 
and sends it to BASIS. When BASIS receives the information, a 
license file is generated and sent back to you. This information 
is reentered in the “Enter License Information.” 


Phase 1 – Registering for a Permanent License 

1) Purchase a permanent license and receive, from your sales 
representative, the serial number and authorization number. 

2) From the Windows “Start” button, click “Programs” then locate 
“BASIS ODBC Driver.” Open “Register for a BASIS License”. This 
displays the “BASIS License Registration” dialog box. 

NOTE: If your email program is not MAPI-enabled, you will receive 
an error message. Select the “OK” button. Proceed with entering 
the information detailed below in step 3). With the “Send” button 
disabled, you will select the “Print” or “Save” button as 
detailed in step 4) to send the registration information. 

3) Fill in the required “Serial number” and “Authorization number” 
previously obtained from your sales representative. Fill in 
the “License File Delivery Method” which is used by BASIS when 
returning final license information to you by email or fax. 

The asterisked (*) fields are optional. The host name is not 
required, but provides an easy way to associate a product 
serial number and host ID with an individual computer, 
ensuring that the product runs only on that computer. 

4) Select “Send,” “Print,” “Save”, or “Close”: 

Send– If you use a MAPI-enabled mail program, select “Send” 
to email the displayed information after completing 
the dialog box. The preaddressed email message is 
displayed with the registration program information 
listed in the body. Press “Send” again to complete the 

Print–If you do not have a MAPI-enabled mail program, select 
“Print,” and fax the printed form to BASIS at the fax 
number indicated on the form. 

Save– To save the license information to a text file for use 
at a later time, select “Save.” This information can 
then be manually pasted into an email and sent using 
any non MAPI-enabled email program. 

Phase 2 – Installing the Permanent License 

When BASIS receives the registration information, your permanent 
license file is generated and returned to you by the delivery 
method you previously selected in the registration dialog box; 
either email or fax. This permanent license can then be 

1) From the Windows “Start” button, click “Programs” then locate 
“BASIS ODBC Driver.” Open “Install a BASIS License”. This 
displays the “BASIS License Installation” dialog box. 

2) Complete this dialog box by entering the path of the file or 
locate the file by selecting the “Browse…” button. If you 
received the license information by fax, select the “Enter 
License Information” radio button, and fill in the appropriate 
text boxes. 

3) Select “OK” to complete the installation. 

The ODBC Driver is now activated with the permanent node-locked 


Copyright 1998 BASIS International Ltd. All rights reserved. 
Visual PRO/5(R), PRO/5(R), PRO/5 Data Server(R), BASIS ODBC 
Driver(R), DDBuilder(R), and TAOS: The Developer’s Workbench(R) 
are registered trademarks of BASIS International Ltd. 
ResBuilder(TM), and GUIBuilder(TM) are trademarks of BASIS 
International Ltd. All other product names and brand names are 
service marks and/or trademarks or registered trademarks of their 
respective companies. 

[end of file] 

Last Modified: 11/17/1998 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: N/A Windows

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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