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00892: Configuring the BLM to go through a TCP/IP firewall


Configuring the BLM to go through a TCP/IP firewall


To change or force the ports that the BASIS License Manager when going thru a Firewall you need to potentially set two ports; the VENDOR line and the SERVER line.

VENDOR Line Port

Due to the many variations of firewalls today, we do not instruct on how to configure the firewall itself.

Create a text file that contains the following information:

VENDOR basis port=17000

This file needs to be placed in your BASIS License Manager directory and be named in such a way that it is the first file found by the BLM when looking for licenses. The file HAS to end with the .lic extension. ex: 0BASIS_VENDOR.lic

No change needs to be made to your actual license file. Once this file is in place, STOP and START the BASIS License Manager. You should see in the BLM log that it finds the new file first:

License file(s): C:\PROGRA~1\basis/blm\0BASIS_VENDOR.lic C:\PROGRA~1\basis/blm\2ODBC_ROBBX000302.lic

If the BLM log does not show that this text file is found first then the BLM will not be using the defined PORT for the BLM components to communicate with each other.

SERVER Line Port

For the SERVER line port (27000) you will want add the port when you register for your license.  Add the port you would like to use for the SERVER line port to the end of the Last Name field on the license registration screen, enclose the port value in parenthesis as in:

First Name: John
Last Name: Smith(27000)

This port will be returned in the generated license as the SERVER line port, as shown here in this license example:

SERVER this_host COMPOSITE=255E1D9A7578 27000

BASIS Pointer file modifications

Once you have restarted the BLM, you might need to set these ports also in the BASIS.lic pointer file used by the clients.  Here are the modification you can add to the BASIS.lic.

SERVER <servername> ANY 27000

The BASIS.lic is found in the same directory as the (V)PRO/5 executable, or for BBj installations it is found the BBj Install directory.

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