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01001: Known issues with Java JRE versions


Known issues with Java JRE versions


Java 1.4.1 on Windows platform: 

When the maximum number of file handles are open (>~2000), any attempt to open another file or program causes it to be erased. 

In 1.4.0_02, you receive an !Error 18 after 2000+/- channel opens. 


Java 1.4.1 library – all platforms. 

There is a significant memory leak in java 1.4.1.x in the StringBuffer class. 


Basically, it says that the use of StringBuffer.toString() and possibly others within StringBuffer) causes a memory leak. Switching back to 1.4.0 solves the problem. 


Java 1.3 JRE 

We have seen under some Unix platforms (SCO and AIX) that BBj will not run when JIT complier was turned on. Update to later JRE if available. If running SCO contact BASIS Technical Support for further information. 

Java JRE on HP UX 

We have seen strange rounding issue with the JIT complier turned on. As example: 

print 1234 

will return: 


Behavior is initially correct but reports incorrect value when running for a any amount of time. Here is how to turn off the jit complier, stop bbj services and add the following to the bbj.properties file which is located in the bbj/cfg directory. Here is the line that you are looking for: 


Modify the line to the following: 

basis.java.args= -Djava.compiler=NONE 


Currently we are recommend the use of the earlier 1.4.03 JRE 2/1/03

Last Modified: 06/10/2003 Product: BBj Operating System: All platforms

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