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00511: Microsoft Office 97, ODBC 1.1


Microsoft Office 97, ODBC 1.1


Q: I recently upgraded to Office97, which upgraded my 32 bit ODBC Service in Windows 95 to version 3.0. Consequently, my BASIS ODBC Driver (v.1.01) quit working. I attempted to download your new version (1.1) on a demo basis. When I installed it, it overwrote the ODBC Service Files and Microsoft Query 97 no longer works. 

The BASIS ODBC Driver doesn’t work either, out of any application (SPSS, Excel, Access). 

Do you have a version that is compatible with Microsoft’s upgrade? 


A: The BASIS ODBC Driver does work with Office 97.You may have to go back and re-install Office 97 data access components (ODBC 3.0 Administrator).There is an option during the BASIS ODBC Driver install to not install the ODBC Driver Manager. Since you already had the 3.0 driver manager loaded, you could have selected this option. 

Reloading the 3.0 Driver Manager should solve the problem.. 

Last Modified: 10/28/1999 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: Windows 95

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