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00001: BBx programs demonstrating how to communicate with a modem


BBx programs demonstrating how to communicate with a modem


The first example opens up the device directly and communicates with it via READ RECORDs and WRITE RECORDs: 

0010 OPEN (1)”/dev/com2″ 
0015 WRITE (1)”ATZ”+$0D$ 
0017 REM send a command that dumps the modem setup 
0020 PRINT (1)”AT&V”+$0D$ 
0030 READ RECORD(1,SIZ=-1)A$ 
0035 PRINT HTA(A$)+” “+A$ 
0040 IF A$<>”” THEN GOTO 0030 
0050 CLOSE (1) 
0060 END 

With DOS ports, the DOS MODE command is use to configure the port. 

With Windows, port configuration is done via Control Panel. 

This one is for Unix and uses a pipe to the cu utility provided with Unix. Note that the READ RECORDS and WRITE RECORDS still pertain, as no extra formatting information is desired. 

0100 REM 100 ========================================================
0110 PRINT ‘CS’ 
0130 A$=”| cu -s 2400 -t 2945675″ 
0160 OPEN (1)A$ 
0200 REM 200 ========================================================
0210 READ RECORD(1,SIZ=-1,TIM=50,ERR=0300)A$ 
0220 PRINT A$ 
0225 REM 225 ========================================================
0230 REM – use READ RECORDS and WRITE RECORDS here to read/write data 
0240 REM – to cu 
0300 REM 300 ========================================================
0310 PRINT (1)”~.” 
0320 PRINT “Closing Connection” 
0330 CLOSE (1) 
0340 END 

Last Modified: 02/10/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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