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00152: FSLoad Error 70–too many users under Novell NetWare


FSLoad Error 70–too many users under Novell NetWare


Unfortunately, this is a common problem under Novell. Here’s an overview of what’s happening: 

BBx keeps a user map in Novell to deal with licensing and locking issues. It does this via a bindery object on the Novell server, which is based on the serial number of the BBx product. This bindery object can be copied to another server via: 
1) disk mirroring 
2) installing the same serial number on another server 
3) running a local copy of BBx while logged into another server when: 
a) you are logged in as supervisor 
b) the other server is your primary login server 

When BBx is invoked, it queries the other servers on the network to verify that the bindery object doesn’t exist on any other server. If a duplicate object is found, you will get the following error: 
fs load err=70 (70) 
Sorry, all user slots are filled. Please try again later. 
bbx: unable to initialize file system 

The solution to this problem is quite simple–make sure that the bindery object exists only on the server on which BBx is installed. To help you do this, we’ve provided a stand-alone executable file (DEACTIV.EXE) that should be located in the same directory as BBx. Here are the steps to accomplish the task: 

1) Find out all the servers that are on your network. You can do this via the ‘SLIST’ command under Novell. (* see below) 

2) Make a note of every server on the network, excluding the server that BBx is supposed to be installed on. 

3) Log into each one of the other servers as supervisor (or admin if under Netware 4.X), specifying that server as your primary server. This can be done via the following command: login server/supervisor where ‘server’ is the server you are attaching to. 

4) Finally, use the DEACTIV.EXE program to remove the bindery object. 


where ‘BBXSERIALNUMBER’ is your BBx serial number. Note that you may want to copy the DEACTIV.EXE program to a floppy or a local drive, so that it will always be accessible when logged onto different servers. If the bindery object was on that server, you will get a message saying that BBx has been deactivated. If not, it will say that the serial number was not installed on that server. Once this has been to on all servers (excep the one that BBx is supposed to be on), you should no longer get the FS Load Error. 


Upgrade to rev 2.4 or PRO/5 1.01 or later. The current product no longer relies on the bindery for user information. When occurring on these revs, it is a legitimate FS load Error 70.

Last Modified: 01/05/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Novell Error Number:FSLOAD 70

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