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00057: Unprotecting BBx programs


Unprotecting BBx programs


We offer unprotection service for a minimum fee of $200.00 for setup and the first five programs, and $20.00 for each program after the first five. There is a $200.00 per hour charge for any irregularities, conversions or problems, which is billed separately. Please contact BASIS Sales for payment requirements – sales@basis.cloud

In order to unprotect the programs, we need: 

  • the program(s) in question 
  • method of payment information 
  • confirmation that the requester owns the copyright or an email from the copyright owner granting access to the source code. 

The unprotected programs will be returned via email. The programs will be returned as ascii text files.  You can then compile the programs as you see fit with pro5cpl for PRO/5 programs or bbjcpl for BBj programs..    If the requester needs the programs in another format that is considered a conversion and is subject to the $200.00 per hour charge discussed above. 

Last Modified: 12/05/2023 Product: All Operating System: All platforms

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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