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00518: GPF in WSOCK32.DLL using the ODBC Driver or Visual PRO/5 TCP/IP Client


GPF in WSOCK32.DLL using the ODBC Driver or Visual PRO/5 TCP/IP Client


Using either the ODBC Driver or the Visual Pro/5 TCP/IP Client, it’s possible to get a GPF in the WSOCK32.DLL when attempting TCP/IP access. With the ODBC Driver, it occurs when a connection is first established to a Data Server. With a TCP/IP client, it will either happen on the first open of a file via the Data Server, or possibly when the Network Access SETOPTS bit is set. In this case, VPRO/5 may cause WINSOCK to GPF upon execution, as the Network Access bit may be set in the config.bbx file. 

Additionally, this error has been seen when using a VPRO/5 1.05 client with a LAN Server. In this case, 1.04 worked fine but after updating to 1.05 the error starts to occur. 

The GPF is due to a problem that exists with older versions of the Microsoft Windows Socket layer. There are a few versions that exhibit the problem: 

1) The TCP/IP stack installed on the machine may be the one that shipped with the Windows 95 Beta. For a period of time, this was referred to as Interdrive 95. 

2) The TCP/IP stack installed on the machine is the version that shipped with the original version of Windows 95. In this case, the WSOCK32.DLL (located in the \windows\system directory) is 66,560 bytes version 4.00.950 (gleaned from the file’s properties).


The solution is to update the WSOCK32.DLL with a more recent version that fixes this problem. There are two known versions that address the problem: 

1) As of mid-1997 there is one that is 67,072 bytes, version 4.00.952 that was distributed with a Compuserve CD containing MS Internet Explorer. 

2) As of 1/98 there is an update available from Microsoft. This can be obtained from their ftp site, or by pointing a ftp-capable browser to: 


This file will update the TCP/IP stack to version 4.00.1111 which is the same version included with Windows 95B (OSR2). 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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