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00905: BBj Enterprise Manager -Unable to get catalogs for database.


BBj Enterprise Manager – Unable to get catalogs for database.


Unable to get catalogs for database. Database may not be configured. 

This message is received in the BASIS Enterprise Manager (BEM) after clicking on the database.


This error may occur for a variety of reasons. 

1. Permissions are incorrect. BBj was installed as root but started under a different user. Stop BBj. Login in as root and re-start the BBj. Or change permissions on the DATA and DICTIONARY files. 

2. Under some operating systems, a FREQUENCY.DD file may be required. See Knowledge Base article KB00903 for details. 

3. Path information may be incorrect. Verify the paths defined for the DATA and DICTIONARY globals. If BBj ODBC is connecting to a PRO/5 Data Server, include the PRO/5 Data Server syntax in the path information for DATA and DICTIONARY. For example: 


4. Connectivity issues. Check the PRO/5 Data Server log and BBj log files for connectivity errors. The BBj log file is located in the log directory under the directory where BBj was installed. The PRO/5 Data Server does not write to a log file unless it was started in the following manner: 

./pro5.server -r -l./ds.log 

See Troubleshooting PRO/5 Data Server TCP/IP Connections for further information on connectivity errors.

5. This error can also occur if the following files are not in the Dictionary directory: 

If any dictionary files are moved from a Windows PC to a UNIX machine ensure that they are named in all uppercase letters. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004, 12/30/2014 Product: BBj Enterprise Manager

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