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00950: Configuring the BLM to work with another software vendor FLEXlm License daemon


Configuring the BLM to work with another software vendor FLEXlm License daemon


In the event you are unable to start the BLM due to another FLEXlm vendor daemon running, you will have to edit license files and move the vendor daemons accordingly. The reason being, that you can have only one FLEXlm License manager dispensing licenses at any one time on a system. This FLEXLm license manager however, once configured properly, can dispense licenses out of one FLEXlm license manager directory for more then one vendor daemon.


There are a couple of ways to approach this issue. BASIS would first suggest using our BLM and the only FLEXlm license manager if at all possible. To implement this solution: 
1. Remove any LM_LICENSE file environmental variables that may be in use. 
2. Kill the other non-BASIS license manager vendor daemon, it will not be restarted from it’s original directory. 
3. Move the non-BASIS FLEXlm vendor daemon to our /blmgr/ directory 
4. Move the other FLEXlm vendor license file to our /blmgr/ directory. 
5. Restart our BLM. DO NOT start the other FLEXlm vendor daemon. Remove it from the the system entirely once you have verified that both products are being properly licensed. 

Another way is to do this in reverse. In other words, move the BASIS vendor daemon (basis) to their FLEXlm license manger directory and the BASIS license files to their FLEXlm license manager directory as well. Do not start the BASIS BLM, only start the other FLEXlm license manager. 
If, according to the other FLEXlm license manager software company, the customer with the issue needs to use environment variables, then follow these steps: 
1. Add an environmental variable for our permanent license files using full paths right down to the .lic file extension. This would be included as part of the other LM_LICENSE environmental variable already set for the other software company’s license file. 

In this scenario, do NOT start the BASIS BLM, start other LM vendor daemon. If, after starting their license manager you are still not able to dispense licenses to BASIS end users, then add the full path to the BASIS vendor daemon on the ‘vendor basis’ line in all our .lic permanent license files. For example, 
        VENDOR basis /basis/blmgr/basis 
Restart other FLEXlm license manager. 

The theory behind this is that the .lic files when pointed to by the environment variable, will scan each vendor line of each license file which is set with the environment variable and then start each vendor daemon to dispense each set of licenses. Therefore, you will not have to manually start the BASIS License Manager. 

Last Modified: 08/01/2002 Product: License Manager Operating System: N/A

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