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00738: GPF in gdi.exe when starting Visual PRO/5 1.05


GPF in gdi.exe when starting Visual PRO/5 1.05


2 customers have reported getting an ‘Invalid Page Format’ error in gdi.exe when trying to start Visual PRO/5 revision 1.05. 

The error only occurs if the hardware acceleration (in Control Panel / System / Performance) is turned on. Once this is turned off and the machine rebooted the error does not occur.


This is not a problem with Visual PRO/5, it is a hardware/driver problem. 

Items to check: 

1. Ensure that hardware accelerator is turned off or at it’s lowest setting before running Visual PRO/5 revision 1.05. 

2. This is a hardware issue pertaining to the graphics card and/or it’s driver. Visual PRO/5 is catching and attempting to report some kind of error with this device driver. 

The only solution is to contact the vendor of the card and/or its driver to ensure it is the most current version. If the vendor has a more current version of the driver – installing it may solve the problem.

Last Modified: 03/29/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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