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01131: Gui screen remains after BBj session is gone


Gui screen remains after BBj session is gone


One customer reported frequent issues with BBj terminating and leaving GUI screens behind. The issue was an overall configuration issue of the system cache under Windows XP. 

Other symptoms included: 

        Seeing socket errors in the BBj log files 
        Unable to run Apache Web server and BBj services at the same time 
        Issues with other third party applications including ITunes 


The problem configuration had memory set to System cache, changing it to Programs resolved the issue. 

1.) Right click on My Computer and select Properties. 
2.) Click on the Advanced tab. 
3.) Press the Performance Settings button. 
4.) Click on the Advanced tab. 
5.) Confirm memory usage is set to Programs. 
6.) Click OK, OK, OK, and restart the computer. 

Last Modified: 01/19/2007 Product: BBj Operating System: Windows

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