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00888: FLEXlm error -97 under Unix


FLEXlm error -97 under Unix


FLEXlm Error -97 is an indication that the desired vendor daemon is down. 

        1.) Verify the Basis License Manager is running: 

                 ps -ef|grep basis 

         Two processes should be listed: 

                 basis -T 
        2) Start and stop the Basis License Manager (BLM). This can be accomplished through the install script, choose BLM, STOP and then START. After doing this, check for the BLM processes again outlined in step 1. 
Type the following in the blmgr directory: 

                 lmutil lmreread                   
        3) Check the lmgrd log file for further error messages This file is located in the blmgr\log directory. 
Under UNIX operating systems this can also indicate that some operating system parameters need to be increased. See Knowledge Base article 00870 if this is the case.

Last Modified: 07/26/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX OS Error:97

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