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00666: Clarification of the documentation re: the command PRINT ‘RGB'(hex_value)


Clarification of the documentation re: the command PRINT ‘RGB'(hex_value)


In the documentation, the 0..1 means that bit 0 and 1 deal with the foreground blue color. The “..” is the same thing as “-” or a “,”……meaning bit 0 THROUGH 1 (0-1, or 0,1 would have been a better use of special characters). With that in mind, lets continue. 

To use the ‘RGB'(color_string), it is setup as a 16 BIT string. The first set of 8 bits deal with the background RGB colors. The second set of 8 bits deals with the RGB foreground. (The “xx” are unused bits.) 

R G B R G B 
xx| | | |xx| | | | 

You would enter binary values in the appropriate positions and then convert that entire binary value string to Hex. 

Next, you would PRINT ‘RGB'($hexvalue$) within the VPRO5 screen, thus changing your screen color. 

Here is an example: 
0000000000110011 for the binary string. 
(This will give the screen the colors of black background and purple foreground.) 

Take the hex value of the above binary string is 0033. Enter the PRINT command 
as follows: 

PRINT ‘RGB'($0033$) 

This changes the foreground color to purple. 

Using the color string option is more complicated than using the color word mnemonics. 

Last Modified: 02/02/1999 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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