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01057: BBj IDE under Unix not showing BBj specific file associations


BBj IDE under Unix not showing BBj specific file associations


This behavior will occur when the NetBean’s install is pointing to a different user directory than the one installed by BBj. BBj will install the default user in <basis install dir>/netbeans/defaultuser. The other user directory will not include our BBj plugin modules, and therefore NetBeans shows no trace of any BBj specific features. 


Finding or removing the other user directory will not resolve the issue. Modify the script file for the BBj IDE to use the correct user directory 

1) Go to the <basis install dir>/netbeans/bin directory. 
2) Open the ide.cfg file using a text editor. 
3) Insert the following flag on the last line of the file: 

-userdir <full path to basis install dir>/netbeans/defaultuser 

4) Save and close the ide.cfg file. 

The ide.cfg file is read when the NetBeans IDE is started. The IDE will automatically load our plugin modules when the value for -userdir is set to the right user 

Last Modified: 07/09/2004 Product: BBj Operating System: UNIX

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