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01011: Error=0, tcb(10)=-32 calling a program in VPRO/5


Error=0, tcb(10)=-32 calling a program in VPRO/5


An error=0, tcb(10)=-32 may occur when doing a “CALL” to another VPRO/5 program with Norton AntiVirus 2002 running also. 
The problem is most likely to occur when Norton Antivirus 2002 is in use and there are frequent CALL statements on a high volume system. 


Using Norton’s SmartScan feature can cause a temporary contention at the operating system level with the program being CALLed. 

Norton Antivirus 2002 has two settings for the scanning of files accessed on a PC. 
The first setting is a comprehensive scan, which scans every type of file opened/accessed for viruses. 
The second is called SmartScan, which allows certain file types (based on their extensions) to be scanned. When the SmartScan feature is activated, it can interfere with locking within VPRO/5, thus causiing the above error. 

Excluding BBx program file types may eliminate the lock contention that is occurring at the os level, or configuring it to use the comprehensive scan eliminates the problem. 

Last Modified: 07/18/2003 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows Error Number: OS Error: 32

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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