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00555: Error 70 using DDE


Error 70 using DDE


An Error 70 can occur when attempting a DDE communication to another Windows application. Here’s an example: 

0010 OPEN (1,MODE=”DDECLIENT”)”EXCEL:\tmp\book1.xls” 
!ERROR=70 (Network user error (TCB(10)=6)) 

The error is usually caused by one of two things: 
1) The external application isn’t running. 
2) The specified spreadsheet file doesn’t exist or isn’t specified correctly. 


First, ensure that the Windows application that you are attempting to communicate with is already running. If not, it can either be invoked normally, or Visual PRO/5 can invoke it via an SCALL(). 

If the problem remains, it indicates that a specified file or other conversational parameter is missing or incorrect. In the above example, Visual PRO/5 requested that Excel open a file named book1.xls. However, the file was not specified with a fully qualified path–the disk drive was missing. To resolve this, ensure that the file is fully qualified.

Last Modified: 01/28/1998 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: N/A Windows Error Number: 70 OS Error: 6

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