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00492: Error 12 when trying to OPEN a file via the Data Server


Error 12 when trying to OPEN a file via the Data Server


Possible causes include: 

1) The Data Server Access bit isn’t set in the options vector 
Solution: >setopts $00000020$ in bbx or make the change in the config.bbx file 

2) The client’s working drive is dsksyn’d, causing the Data Server in the prefix not to be used 
Solution: Do not DSKSYN the client’s working drive 

3) The correct BASIS product is not being used. Either the port is not client-ready, or it is a client to the Novell Data Server instead of the Unix/NT Data Server or vice versa. 
Solution: Use the correct BASIS product 

4) The Novell Data Server was using a config.bbx file that was copied from the one that the PRO/5 client was using. When the Data Server used it, the prefix statement in this file was not being recognized. When the dsksyns and alias lines were removed from the file, the client could then open files via the Data Server’s prefix. 

5) The prefix in the config.bbx file is limited to 250 characters. If the prefix is longer than that, it may not be set and an Error 12 will result when attempting to open a file via the prefix. 

6) The Data Server may not be running – ensure that it has been started. It’s also helpful to start the Data Server with loggin enabled. 

7)Under Windows, check to make sure that the Start In path for the VPRO/5 icon is valid. UNC cannot be used. Also verify that the drive specified here is not DSKSYNd in the config.bbx. If this is the case, the following statement will usually generate an Error 17: 


Last Modified: 09/23/1999 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: All platformsError Number: 12

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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