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00096: Conversion: Open Basic to BBx notes


Conversion: Open Basic to BBx notes


The following modifications to LISTING.BB7 will convert DIRECT ($02$), SORT ($02$), INDEXED ($00$) and STRING ($07$) files only, [no SERIAL ($01$) or Open Basic Multi-keyed files ($03$) currently]; using Open Basic’s Standard FID format. 

Programs ($04$) will need to use the BBx compiler ‘bbx4cpl’ on the ASCII versions of the programs (which can be obtained by a slight modification of Open Basic’s printer lister utility). Then, syntax inconsistencies can be corrected with the BBx utilities “_edit” or “_search” after LOADing the newly compiled program in BBx. 


6490 ……REM out second If statement, to prevent [keysize -2] problem in DIRECT or SORT files. 

6495 IF POS(F$(1,1)=$000207$)=0 THEN LET F$=””;RETURN 

6510 IF F$(1,1)=$07$ THEN LET F$(1,1)=$03$,F$(3,6)=$000000000000$ 

NOTE: If you get an error=41 in BXSND on line 3140, then add line 3131 IF Z=0 THEN Z=1. 

Some possible caveats: 

1) Any “windowing”, especially if it’s done by the “Presentation Services”, is not compatible. 

That part of the software would need to be re-written to use the BBx Extended Utility Set’s Menu System and/or the BBx ‘WINDOW’ mnemonic. 

2) Open Basic’s Multi-keyed files are not compatible. 

Programmer intervention is needed for these files; or, CALLed routines for the Open Basic side and the BBx side via BXSND and BXRCV can be requested from UBB Computer Services, Pat Welch, 800-608-7122 (pager number), which generate “*.tpl” templates of the files for BBx usage. These CALLed routines also work for Basic/4 Basic versions (i.e. VS, BB90) that support this MULTI type, and return FMTINFO() information. 

3) Error 26 @ 7060 in BXRCV. 

No growth extent causes error 26 on BXRCV–you’ve run out of room. Define the indexed file big enough so that it does not have to do growth extent. It should be big enough to contain all of the data you will want to convert. If it is a really huge convert, you may want to consider breaking it up. 

Last Modified: 09/08/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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