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Creating Bugzilla Reports

Creating Bugzilla Reports

Follow these guidelines when creating a Bugzilla report to ensure that your issue can be analyzed and fixed in a timely and efficient manner:

1. Select the version of Addon you’re running

2. Select the appropriate Addon module/component (Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, etc.).  If the issue spans modules, select “Administrator (Addon).”

3. Choose the Severity level for the bug, from “enhancement” to “blocker.”  Bugzilla’s definitions for Severity are as follows:


Blocks development and/or testing work


Crashes, loss of data, severe memory leak


Major loss of function


Regular issue, some loss of functionality under specific circumstances


Minor loss of function, or other problem where easy workaround is present


Cosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned text


Request for enhancement


4. Enter a concise, informative Summary.  It’s helpful to repeat the module initials at the beginning of the Summary line.  For example:

Clear Summary:  

PO  Line code extensions should be displayed at precison 2

Ambiguous Summary:

Line code extensions not right


5. Give a detailed Description of the issue, including:


the program in which you encountered the error/issue


the exact steps involved to produce the error (if you are unable to reproduce it, indicate that as well)


the text of any error message, if applicable (copy from syswindow or capture screenshot)


additional screenshot(s) of the form or error, if they will provide further information


information about operating system and/or connection type (fat/thin client, etc.), if applicable


6. Set the Priority on the bug as you see fit (low, medium, high, urgent).  The Priority gives the engineers an idea of which bugs, in your opinion, should be worked first.  Engineers may reset the priority after reviewing the bug, but setting an initial priority is preferred to leaving it marked “undetermined.”  A note of caution – marking everything as “urgent” tends to backfire.


7. Once a Bugzilla report has been created, please keep all pertinent discussion about the bug on the bug report itself, rather than an email thread, so anyone working bugs will have the complete picture.



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