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00785: Creating a multiple image list file – (image.bmp file)


Creating a multiple image list file – (image.bmp file)


How to create a multiple image list file – (image.bmp file) and use it in Resbuilder / Visual PRO/5: 

IN MSPAINT (or any other graphic editor) 

P1. Open your existing .bmp file. If you don’t have an existing .bmp file, open the image file and save it as a .bmp file. Make sure you have the “Save as type” entry as “bitmap files”. 

P2. With the image on the screen, click on the image using the left mouse button. 

P3. Choose select all. 

P3. Press Ctrl+C (copy) 

P4. Open another session of Paint. 

P5. Press Ctrl+V (paste) – this should bring the image from the single .bmp file to the master .bmp file. 
NOTE: When you paste the image, it places it in the ‘home’ position. You must select it with the left mouse button and drag it to the desired location WHILE the FOCUS IS STILL ON THE IMAGE. If the focus has left the image, you will need to cut/paste it to the desired location. 

P6. Repeat steps 1-5 until the master .bmp file has all the desired images. 

P7. Once the master file is built, save the file. 

IN Visual PRO5/Resbuilder: 

R1. On the ‘image list’, select the image that will be using the new image list file. (I had one image file named ‘101’). 

R2. With the left mouse button, click on the image. 


R4. For ‘Image List File’, enter the path and file name of the file saved in step P7. 

R5. The master image file should appear in the image list window. 

Last Modified: 03/28/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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