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00620: Read.me file for 32-bit ODBC Driver, rev 1.1


Read.me file for 32-bit ODBC Driver, rev 1.1


Read.Me for the BASIS ODBC Driver (TM) 32-bit 
REV 1.1 
BASIS International Ltd. 
October 2, 1997 

Copyright (c) 1995-1997 BASIS International, Ltd. 

                          Note to Readers 

This file contains late-breaking information, notes on new features, including the DDBuilder(TM) utility (a graphical utility for building BASIS Data Dictionaries) and configuration hints not included in the documentation. 

Installation note for NT 3.51 Users 

Under NT 3.51, if you install the ODBC Driver without administrator privileges, some ODBC Driver install procedures may not be completed correctly. This is particularly common with Domain logins. Administrator permissions are required to change the Windows Registry and add Program Groups. 

If your ODBC installation reports errors on Registry and Program Group operations, you need to have an administrator install the product or get administrator permissions. 


ODBC Driver 


1. The BASIS ODBC Driver only runs with TCP/IP servers or Novell mapped drives. It does not run with BASIS data servers for Novell. 

2. You may request “read-only” activation keys. This feature makes it impossible for users to modify the database. Contact your salesperson for more information. 

3. The install program may create a duplicate ODBC Administrator icon in the control panel. The duplicate icon may disappear when the control panel is reopened. This does not effect the product functionality. 

4. In some cases, Unions may not honor ORDER BYs. As a result, some records may appear out of sequence. 

5. CREATE UNIQUE INDEX may remove records from a table. This can occur when creating a UNIQUE INDEX on a column containing duplicate values. 

6. DROP INDEX may report an “Invalid String Operation” error. If this error is encountered, the index will not be removed from the Data Dictionary. The index can be removed through DDBuilder. 

7. If you create a table with a column defined as NOT NULL, the value of the column can be set to NULL without encountering an error. 




1. All documentation for this utility is provided through the online help system. 

2. NOTE: In order to use DDBuilder, you must first run the BASIS ODBC Setup icon that installs the ODBC Driver, which includes a .dll file required for DDBuilder. 

3. If your BASIS Data Dictionary is accessed through a BASIS data server, you need to add the following line to your config.tpm: 

USERID=user login 

Where user login is your login id to the remote server. 

4. If you define an index for a multi-key MKEYED file, be aware that the total segment length of the index can not be greater than 120 bytes and the index must be contained in the first 1024 bytes of the record. If you attempt to make a data file through DDBuilder that exceeds these limits, you will either receive an error message or the data file will be created with truncated indices. 

5. If you are using this product to update your current DDBuilder, you will need to manually remove the old DDBUILDER directory that is located beneath the ODBC directory. 


Last Modified: 12/24/1997 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: N/A

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