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00869: Error 46 on SENDMSG 80 binding to a Data Aware Grid


Error 46 on SENDMSG 80 binding to a Data Aware Grid


Using a SELECT statement that has SORTBY clause may return an error 46 when binding the Data Aware Grid using SENDMSG 80. SELECT statements that use a SORTBY clause may need to create temporary files. PRO5 uses the environment variable TMPDIR to determine where these temporary files will be created. 


Verify that the TMPDIR environment variable is being set. Data Aware Grids binding to a file being opened via the Data Server require that the TMPDIR variable be set prior to starting the Data Server. This can be achieved by starting the Data Server via a script file. Adequate permissions to the directory specified by the TMPDIR environment variable must exist. 

See KB articles 369, 650 for further information on setting the TMPDIR variable.

Last Modified: 10/16/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows Error Number: 46

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