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00203: TCB(10)=-25 under Unix


TCB(10)=-25 under Unix


This error will often occur when the machine’s resources are running low. Here are some of the characteristics: 

1) The error may occur when opening files or printer, or when running or calling programs. It has even been seen in the middle of a print job. 

2) The same actions that cause this error (as listed in number one above), may also produce other errors besides an OS error 25. 


To solve the problem, the machine needs to be looked at thouroughly to see what resource is running low. Here are some suggestions: 

1) Run a System Activity Report (SAR) or something similar to see if the system is running low on memory or swap space. 

2) Check the amount of physical RAM in the machine. This error once occurred on a SCO box that had only 8MB of RAM. 

3) Check the machine’s kernel configuration. Of particular interest are: 

Number of system processes 
Number of user processes 
Number of system locks 
Number of record or file locks 

Last Modified: 02/10/2000 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix OS Error: 25

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