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00595: TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files


TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files


This error occurs when you attempt to open more files than are defined in the FILES= parameter in your CONFIG.SYS file. To resolve the error, you can either increase the parameter and reboot, or close any files that you currently have open. 

This error is sometimes caused by running BBx in Windows, when other applications are exhausting the file handles. 

Running BBx under Novell, NetWare itself can impose a file limit. This is determined by the FILE HANDLES= parameter in the workstation’s NET.CFG file. Note: this is only relevant if the workstation uses the older NETX Dos Shell. Using the VLM Dos Requestor, the limit is imposed by the FILES= parameter in the CONFIG.SYS file. 

Program to test how many files can be opened: 

0010 INPUT “Directory: “,D$ 
0020 OPEN (1)D$ 
0030 READ RECORD(1)A$ 
0040 READ RECORD(1)A$ 
0050 FOR COUNT=2 TO 200 
0060 READ RECORD(1)B$ 
0070 OPEN (COUNT,ERR=0200)D$+”\”+B$ 
0200 PRINT COUNT-1,” maximum files, ERR:”+STR(ERR)+”, TCB(10):”+STR(TCB(10)) 
0210 END 

Output from the above program: 
Directory: q:\basis\su23.win\ext 
98 maximum files, ERR:16, TCB(10):-4 

Last Modified: 12/23/1997 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Windows, MS Dos, NovelError Number: 16 OS Error: 4

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