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Removal of Fonts from JDK 11

Problem Description

Prior to Java 11, the Oracle JDK included a set of physical fonts to ensure uniform application behavior across multiple platforms.

Beginning with Java 11 (Oracle and OpenJDK), fonts are no longer shipped with the JDK. Font rendering in Java 11 JVMs now use pre-installed operating system fonts. 

Applications that previously relied upon fonts included in 1.8 JDKs may experience font display problems and even Null Pointer Exceptions (NPE).  

The problem seems to be limited to headless or small installation *NIX systems.


As of the writing of this KB, simply installing the “fontconfig” package and restarting BBjServices should resolve the problem:

RHEL / Centos:

sudo yum install fontconfig

Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt install fontconfig






Last Modified: 12/19/2019 Product: BBj Operating System: All platforms

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