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00793: Novell Clients get FLEXlm errors -15 or -96 trying to run VPRO/5


Novell Clients get FLEXlm errors -15 or -96 trying to run VPRO/5


A FLEXlm error -15 or -96 is an indication that the Basis License Manger ( BLM) server is down or the Windows Netware clients are not able to connect to the BLM. 

One reason may be that the network protocol binding order is incorrect on the Windows Netware Client. For example, the Novel server’s primary protocol is typically IPX/SPX, problems can occur if the Windows Netware clients have TCP/IP selected as their Primary protocol. IPX/SPX should be the primary protocol in this scenario. 

Symptoms: Only the Windows Netware workstations that have the incorrect binding order receive the Flexlm errors. 


To resolve this issue, change the protocol order so IPX/SPX is the first binding order. In Control Panel, select the Network applet, highlight the Novell Client, select Properties from the menu. Protocol Preferences will be included in the list. Move IPX/SPX up to the first position, then click on the Apply button and close the Window. A reboot of the workstation is required before this change will take effect.

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: Novell

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