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00992: FLEXlm error – 6


FLEXlm error – 6


A Single-User PRO/5 or VPRO/5 that is node-locked (license file indicates uncounted as number of users) cannot be upgraded to BBj products without contacting BASIS Sales. 
This error will occur when using a node locked single user BBj license file generated for PRO5 Rev 4+ with a BBj product. If a customer is upgrading their license by using the SAM Fulfillment web page on our site: 


they will not receive an error when they click on the upgrade button at the bottom. However, the license file sent to them automatically will not install correctly for BBj products. In order to upgrade a SU PRO/5 license to a BBj product, BASIS Sales must convert the license to a multi-user license. 

The License Manager returns an error stating that the license file is invalid during installation. The information, if entered manually into the License Installation page, will successfully install however, when BBj is started, the following error is received: 

FLEXlm Error = 6: Digit 2 of Vendor String Invalid 

When the OK button is selected BBj still runs and the blmgr.txt logfile still appears to have checked out a license. (However, PRINT SSN inside BBj returns BBj_INIT) 


This error will occur when using a node locked single user BBj license file for PRO5/VPRO5 Rev 4 product with a BBj product. By nature, all BBj components use multi-user licenses and require a BLM be installed to handle the license. Single user PRO/5 and VPRO/5 Rev 4+ products do not have this requirement and can be installed without a BLM with an “uncounted” node locked BBj license. 

If a BBj product is installed and an attempt to use a BBj license for a PRO/5 rev 4+ product is made the above error will occur. This can be avoided by looking at the VENDOR_STRING= of the license file. If the 2nd character is a ‘P’ then the license is only good for PRO/5 products and not BBj. Here is what a typical license file will look like when it is for a node locked PRO/5 product: 

SERVER this_host ANY 
VENDOR basis 
FEATURE BBJ basis 2.0 permanent uncounted 36993C121F2D HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM=98c021b3 ck=82 SN=BBJ001111 VENDOR_STRING=SPF 

Last Modified: 02/24/2004 Product: License Manager Error Number: 6

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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