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00795: Possible Reasons for FLEXlm error -5


Possible Reasons for FLEXlm error -5


FLEXlm Error -5 
No such feature exists. 

Each installed BASIS product must have its own separate license file. The name of the license file is made up of the number of users, the product and the serial number. Under Windows, license files are located in the BASIS License Manager (BLM) directory. In UNIX, license files are located in the blmgr directory. 

The example license file name 5PRO5DSPRO512345.lic is made up of the following components: 
        5 = number of users 
        PRO5DS = PRO/5 Data Server feature 
        PRO512345 = serial number 

For BBJ installation the license file 5BBJEWRBBJ123456.lic is made up of the following components: 
        5 = number of users 
        BBJ = BBj Feature 
        EWR = Vendor String Options 
        BBJ123456 = serial number 

If the license file is missing, repeat the process of registering for a license and installing it. 

If the license is installed, check the BASIS License Manager log file for more details about the error. 

If installed and running, verify that the BLM is the correct version for the product being used. For example, BBj 3.01 and higher require a BLM of 8.4a or higher. 


1) Verify there are no DEMO licenses in the blmgr directory. The BLM (Basis License Manager) deamon will find the demo license files first. 

2) Verify against the permanent license information that license has not been altered in anyway. This is the information that was sent as a fax or email after registering. 

3) Verify that the license file is properly formatted. Open the permanent license file and if needed edit the formatting to look like this example. 

# Host Name: scosysv 

SERVER scosysv ID_STRING=2FL005610 
VENDOR basis 
FEATURE PRO5_DEV basis 2.21 permanent 5 711661C8F154 HOSTID=ANY ck=95 SN=PRO560080 

4) ODBC license files can be either Read Only or Read Write, problems can occur if a Read Only license does not have the Read Only box checked in configuration for the Data Source. To check the configuration for the data source, choose the ODBC Administrator located in Control Panel, select the Data Source, click the CONFIGURATION button. Verify that the READ ONLY box is checked. 

5) Verify that the basis.lic has been created. The Basis.lic is pointer file that list the name of the server where the BLM (Basis License Manager) is running. This file is essential for data server and multi-user access for both ODBC and VPRO5/ PRO5 

6) Consult the blmgr log file for more details as needed. 

7) BBj 3.0 and higher requires FLEXlm revision 8.4a or higher and will return this error with lower revisions of the BLM. If you are unsure what version of FLEXlm you currently have, type the following at the os prompt in the directory wher the BLM is installed: 
        >lmutil lmver basis_lmgrd 
and you will see something similar to the following: 

        FLEXlm v8.4a (lmgr.lib), Copyright (c) 1988-2003 by Macrovision Corporation. All 
         rights reserved. 

BBj 4.0x and PRO/5 revision 5.0x REQUIRE a FLEXlm License Manager revision 9.2 or greater. If you have recently upgraded your license or product to this revision level, please go to the Product Download page at www.basis.cloud and select your operating system and download a BLM and install it on the system. 

Last Modified: 11/16/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: ALL Error Number: 5

BASIS structures five components of their technology into the BBx Generations.

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